As well as incorporating IFS into my general practice, I also offer exclusive IFS sessions for clients who have a specific interest in this modality.

IFS is an evidence based approach which can support and transform a wide variety of client issues including, but not limited to, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, eating patterns, addiction, trauma, CPTSD, self-harm, attachment issues, suicidality, stress, transitions, relationship issues, feelings of “something just not being right”, parenting, isolation, sexuality, spirituality.

IFS notices the multiplicity of the mind. It posits that we all have access to “Self”, a core of us which is innate, that with which we are born. Self incorporates qualities such as: compassion, calmness, creativity, confidence, curiosity, connection, clarity and courage. As we travel through life, inner parts of us develop habits, behaviours, moods, beliefs, thoughts, somatic presentations and more to navigate or cope with situations we encounter. These protector “parts” may be “firefighters” or “managers” which may have developed “burdens” to protect “exiles” - those parts of us that we try to keep hidden in order to not experience painful or difficult emotions.

Using an IFS approach, we are able to identify parts of us that have a major influence, without us necessarily realising, on our life situations. By becoming better acquainted with these parts we are able to understand their motivations, integrate them and reduce internal conflict. This means we are less likely to find ourselves feeling ambivalent or torn about issues in our lives. We are able to achieve greater balance and tranquility, understanding why we sometimes do things that at other times feel irrational.
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