Integrating IFS into the Transpersonal Integrative Approach - an introduction

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14/15 September 2024

“…by caring for our parts in … a nurturing way…embodying Self…not only are we creating more harmony inside and between us, but we’re also bringing more Self energy to the planet…”
Richard Schwartz

The IFS approach dovetails well with the Transpersonal and is frequently applied to issues such as anxiety, depression, complex trauma, autoimmune disorders, addictions, eating disorders and more; it holds Self as central to psychological and spiritual development; “parts” approximate to sub-personalities; it is an evidence based approach. This workshop is an introduction to the central tenets of IFS through an experiential Transpersonal approach including topics such as:

- An introduction to how the central tenets of IFS integrate into the Transpersonal Integrative Approach to psychotherapy

- Exploration of sensations, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, fantasies, dreams, visualisations, impulses, voices, images for identifying parts, subpersonalities and aspects of the psyche

- A compassionate approach to working with the shadow

- How to identify parts/subpersonalities/shadow and how to work with them to bring about healing

Topics include exploring the saboteur and subpersonalities’ parts through the Transpersonal and IFS lenses to deepen our understanding of the IFS model and how this can be integrated into the Transpersonal. As there will be a maximum of 12 participants, there will be sufficient time for: Demonstrations. Practical experiential exercises. Discussion of client issues. Ample time for questions

This workshop is likely to form a pre-requisite for future IFS informed workshops including:
IFS Transpersonal approach to working with trauma. IFS Transpersonal approach to eating disorders and addiction. Advanced IFS Transpersonal skills practice workshop. Working creatively with IFS through a Transpersonal lens

Previous feedback from workshop attendees

“Huge thank you, Ann, as your preparation and delivery were exemplary, you were so kind and thoughtful too, your knowledge is so impressive”

“An exciting discovery of approaching inner children from a different angle has been a game changer in my work with clients since that workshop - Thank you”

“Really helpful, especially regarding raising awareness of the different roles that parts can play and in opening up creative ways of working and dialoging with them. That we can invite clients to ask parts to step back while we work with another part”

“It was great, really informative and heart-centred. Ann delivered lots of information in a way I could digest. I liked and appreciated the opportunities for practice”

“I’ll be integrating parts work into my practice with more understanding and confidence”

“I feel I learned a huge amount and this will be invaluable in practice with clients”

“I learnt how important it is that the protectors are there to help, and to go gently with them and treat them with respect”

“Well structured, gentle tone of facilitator. Informative and heart centred. Easily digestible material.”

“A fully immersive, informative and insightful IFS taster. My self awareness and private practice will both feel the benefits.”

“I simply loved it and would highly recommend.”

“Informative, well-paced experiential learning. A good number of people - not too big.”

“Facilitator very skilled at demonstrating the technique.”

“I enjoyed the theory, it felt like the right amount. I have a bit of familiarity with parts and the workshop build on this knowledge”

September 14/15 2024: CCPE, 10.00 - 17.00, £310, with an early bird discount of £280 if paid in full before 15th March 2024.

Booking: A non-refundable deposit of £125.00 will reserve your place on the weekend, please email me for further details. A certification of completion for 14 hours’ CPD.

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