IFS supervision offers a supportive space for you to develop your Self leadership as a practitioner. You may explore your own parts in relation to your clients’ parts which can assist with unblending and staying in Self energy.

IFS centres on developing and nurturing Self to parts relationships, both your own (and sometimes mine) and in relation to your client. Nurturing these skills is at the heart of IFS supervision.

From a Self led place you can ask for information through discussion, practice, theory, role play, or creative exercises to develop greater understanding of your client's process and expand your use of the IFS protocols. We also explore specific IFS approaches that may be beneficial to particular client presentations so that you develop skills to work with a wide variety of client populations including addiction and trauma.

I am a staff member on a UKCP and BACP accredited diploma training course and supervise individuals as well as groups as a Registered Training Supervisor (RTS). I have completed the Integrating IFS into Supervision and Consultation workshop and am a Program Assistant (PA) on level 2 IFS trainings. If appropriate, I am happy to give practical advice regarding how to organise and develop your practice as well as ideas of how to work with your clients.

I offer both individual and group supervision.

Individual supervision ranges from £110.00-£160.00 per session.

Group supervision is online. Groups of four last for two hours - usually you will sign up together with your peers for a pre-formed group. The cost per person is £60.00.

If you are interested in taking this further, don’t hesitate to contact me to set up an exploratory session.

IFS supervision takes place online.

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